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Best Bluehost Plan to Choose in 2020

Do you want to know the very best Bluehost plan to choose? With so many options there’s not always a super clear answer, especially if your just starting out and trying to wrap your head around what you’re going to need for the future.

Maybe you’re a first-time blogger or starting a website for your small business, whatever the situation you’re in, I’m going to break down each of the Bluehost pricing plans, what they offer, and who exactly they are meant for so you can choose just the right one that fits your needs perfectly.

Ready? Okay, let’s get started!


Bluehost Basic Plan Review

Bluehost’s basic plan is their lowest tiered offer. It’s great for somebody who is just starting out with a blog or their first website and wants the best bang for their buck. it includes having the ability to have one website and a good amount of (fast) SSD storage.

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The BASIC PLAN is the plan I HIGHLY recommend for 99% of people who are looking for a great hosting plan to start with. It’s going to get you started and give you a good base plan that you can grow off of. 

Sure, you only have the ability to add 1 website to your account and a more limited 50 GB of SSD storage (compared to the other plans), but again, for somebody just starting out these are not too major of cons. 

With a free domain and SSL certificate (which Google seems to love so much right now), and unlimited bandwidth, you cannot go wrong with this plan.


– Unlimited Bandwidth


– 1 Website (limits future growth, but you can always upgrade)
– 50 GB SSD Storage (perfectly fine for 99% of people)

Who is the Bluehost basic plan good for?

New bloggers, new website owners and anybody who is just getting started online that wants a solid, cost effective plan which will get them launched and growing.

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Bluehost Plus & Choice Plus Plan Review

* I’m grouping the bluehost plus and plus choice plus plan review together since they essentially offer almost all the same stuff except a few extra added features

The PLUS and CHOICE PLUS plan are Bluehost’s middle tier offerings that target somebody who is looking to upgrade and wants a little bit more flexibility, storage and speed. 

With the ability to add unlimited websites (multiple blogs, business sites, etc), you’ll also get unlimited storage and have Bluehost’s “Spam Experts” email filter system which scans all your email for phishing, viruses, spam and more. 

(Choice Plus Plan only) You’re also going to have domain privacy included which is great at keeping your registration info private from anybody who may want to look it up, as well as CodeGuard Basic’s Site Backup which will automatically handle any backups of your blog or website in case you ever lost all your content and information.


– Unlimited websites (great for someone running multiple blogs, etc)
– Unlimited SSD storage
– Unmetered bandwidth
– Domain privacy (Choice PLUS plan only)


– Spam Experts (In my opinion, an unnecessary feature at an added cost)
– CodeGuard Basic (You can do this manually or with other, free plugins)

Who is the Bluehost Plus & Choice Plus plan good for?

Experienced bloggers and website owners. If you know that you need more or have multiple sites.

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Bluehost Pro Plan Review

So you’re looking at BlueHost’s PRO plan, are ya’? Well, it’s their top tier plan and really has everything included. 

As with the Choice and Choice PLUS plans, you’re going to have the ability to have unlimited websites and no SSD storage caps. Also, bandwidth continues to be unmetered. 

One difference with the plan is that you are getting (2) Spam Expert which, in my opinion, is completely unnecessary

Two major features that make this the PRO plan are HIGH PERFORMANCE servers and a DEDICATED IP. Both of these features can have huge advantages for someone who owns multiple blogs or websites (or one big blog/website) that have many visitors and they absolutely need the extra performance.


– High performance servers
– Dedicated IP
– Domain privacy
– Domain privacy (Choice PLUS plan only)


– Price for performance
– A lot of unnecessary features (Spam Experts, CodeGuard, etc)

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So, which BlueHost Plan is right for you?

For beginner bloggers, website owners and almost anybody starting out, I really recommend the BASIC PLAN. It really is all you’re going to need for a long time.

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The BlueHost Plus/Choice Plus and Pro Plans are still a great value and give you some good benefits, but should only be reserved for those people that know they need it.

The BlueHost Pro Plan has a lot of features, but the cost for performance and features is too high and you are better off going with a different host that can offer you better bang for your buck. This plan is also very specific to a certain type of person who knows they need the performance a dedicated IP.

Now, I want to hear from you!

Comment below with any questions and let me know what plan you are considering going with. 

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