How to Choose a Blog Name: 7 Easy Tips for Naming Your Blog

Imagine this:

You’re sitting at your desk, on your phone or tablet, and pulling your hair out trying to figure out how to choose a blog name that is going to perfectly describe your blog and what you are about..

Or maybe you already have a blog and you’re just now realizing that it doesn’t vibe with you or what you’re writing about.

Am I right?

I’ll be the first to say that it’s no easy task coming up with the perfect blog name

Trust me, take it from someone who has started too many blogs and websites to count.

At times, I still struggle coming up with, what I believe, is a name my future readers will remember and be attracted to. 

But today, throw those worries away, because I am going to share my 7 special tips you need to remember when choosing an amazing blog name.

What are we waiting for? Let’s jump into it:

7 Secrets: How to Choose a Blog Name that People Remember and Love

Below, I’m gonna’ share my own little set of tips and secrets that I use when choosing a catchy blog name. 

Take note, because by the end of our time here you should be able to start brainstorming and narrowing down some epic names for your blog.

1. Go Niche With Room to Grow

Yikes, I can’t tell you how many people try to pick a super broad name for their blog, right from the start. 

While this might seem like the perfect idea, it’s really not.

Gone are the days of being able to blog about cats, dogs, vacations and your favorite foods all in one blog. There’s just too much competition out there!

And let’s be real, a jack of all trades is a master of none.

If you’re starting a brand new blog then you really need to select a blog name that your future audience is going to love, identify with and remember

Trust me, there’s a sea of blogs and websites out there gunnin’ for your reader’s attention, so if you don’t stand out with something that catches their eyeballs then you’re outta’ sight, outta’ mind. 

But this is like a delicate science, because while you want to go niche with your name, you don’t want to narrow yourself into a corner and never be able to expand into related topics. 

Pick a happy medium that’s going to allow you growth into related topics for the future, and you can never go wrong.

2. Say it, See It, Write it

One thing I always do when choosing a name for a new blog is say it out loud, type it into the search bar, and then write it on a notepad.

I know, I sound a little bit crazy, don’t ya think?

Why do I do this?

Well, the real reason is that a lot of times you might come up with a name that sounds good in your head, but when you actually say it out loud, see it typed into the search bar and then physically write it down, you realize a couple of things:

It doesn’t sound as good when it’s actually spoken.

When you visualize the letters next to each other, it actually looks distracting and confusing.

Writing it down doesn’t feel natural.

You’re probably reading and thinking this method sounds a little funky, but just try it. 

I use this when coming up with any new name and if it doesn’t pass the test of say it, see it, and write it, then I keep brainstorming!

3. Keep It Short and Sweet

Pretty easy to remember, but hardly easy when you’re down in the dirt trying to figure out how to pick a good blog name, am I right?

Nobody wants to read or even click on a blog name that looks like this:

I know, I know. Gimme’ a break, it’s just an example off the top of my head!

But, it illustrates my point that the example above is super long, very confusing to read and doesn’t look good.

With that being said, here are a couple secret rules of awesome’ness I use when doing this:

#1) Keep your blog name to 3 short, sweet and punchy words… max!

#2) Consider adding “the” in front of an awesome, two word blog name that may not be available.

I know, it’s not easy keeping it short and sweet when so many blog names are not available, but it just takes time and a little creative thinking.

Want to start brainstorming ideas? Use the tool below to start seeing if your perfect blog name is available, right now:

4. Ask Around

So maybe you’ve got a few names that YOU think are amazing and awesome. That’s great!

But here’s the truth:

Just because they sound good to you, doesn’t mean they are going to jive and sound good to others (especially your future audience)

Don’t be shy. Get out there and ask around!

There’s a ton of blogging Facebook groups, forums, and your own friends and family that can give you really good feedback

When you’ve found something that a good handful of people say sounds and looks good, then you are onto a winner!

5. Spend Time, But Deadline

Gosh, I can’t tell you how many times I am in Facebook blogging groups and see people who have been spending months trying to pick a blog name.

I get it, I really do… it’s an important first step.

But, so many people get stuck in what I like to call, “analysis paralysis”, and if you fall into the trap of this horrible habit, then it’s going to plague you your whole blogging career.

Spend enough time trying to choose a blog name, but set yourself a deadline and stick to it so you can avoid getting stuck.

6. Register Your Blog Name ASAP

Once you’ve got a list of names you want, then you need to check and see if the domain name is available and register it as soon as possible.

There’s many new blogs being created every day, so when you have something good it’s best to jump on it fast.

As you’re brainstorming names, use the tool below to see if their available (and if they are) then register your domain name, get hosting and launch!

Don’t wait, because something good today could be gone tomorrow. I speak from experience!

7. Stick to the Big 3

As your checking to see if your blog domain name is available, I really recommend sticking to the big 3 TLD’s. 

What’s a TLD, you might ask?

Without all the mumbo jumbo, a TLD (Top Level Domain) is the extension at the end of your domain name (.com, .net, .org, etc)

First and foremost, try to get a .com since it is the most trusted and commonly used around the web. 

But, if you can’t and you absolutely need to go with a .net, then that could be an option.

I would highly advise against using a .org unless it’s a name you absolutely must have and both the .com and .net are not available. 

There’s a ton of new extensions that they are releasing all the time, but stick to the big 3 (mainly .com) if you want your readers to have a sense of trust and authority with your blog.

Get Started!

Wait a second!

Don’t take these tips and move on with your day. 

Seriously, if you are really wanting to start your blog and trying to choose a blog name, then you need to get on it. 

I’ve given you my secret sauce…

Literally, everything I’ve learned and come up with over the years when I’m trying to decide on choosing a blog name.

Let me know in the comments if you have any additional questions or tips on how to choose a blog name that people love!


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