Hey there, I'm Brandon

You came to this page probably looking to see what I’m about or wanting to know what else I have to offer…

Am I right?

I don’t blame you, I’d want to know who’s running this joint as well. 

But just so you know:

I’m not jet-setting around the world, staying in five star hotels, poppin’ bottles of champagne and living off caviar every night.

And I haven’t sold all of my belongings, stuffed my whole life into a backpack and travel the world living the “digital nomad lifestyle” 

While there’s nothing wrong with either of those extremes and I think they’re pretty cool, I’m being real with ya’ – that’s just not my life.

So if either of those lifestyles is what you’re lookin’ for then you may want to exit now.

Now, for those that are still here:

To put it simply, I’m a husband to an amazing wife (aka my E-Bay aficianado) that I’ve been with for almost 9 years and a father to two boys (both under the age of 5) who, some days, make me feel like I’m going a little crazy?

And somehow over the years, in between t-ball practice, grocery store runs, bath time and late-nighters when everyone is sound asleep, I’ve managed to create websites and blogs that have provided extra income for my family

But here’s the cold, hard truth:

As with anything in life you’ve ever become good at… it takes TIME, ENERGY, DEDICATION and PATIENCE

If you aren’t willing to put any of those winning attributes into it, then I’ll be honest:

This ain’t the place for you.

But, if you resonate with anything that I’ve said above AND you’re open to learning some pretty nifty stuff, then let’s get into it

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